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November Update

After years of exploring possibilities in order to secure the future of the library, St Just Town Council has now officially taken over ownership! This is great news, as the Friends were always keen for the library service to continue in St Just, in it's current location. The Town Council will be eventually moving into the library, using the dedicated office spaces for their day to day business, but for now things will carry on much the same.

The Friends are also delighted to be getting back to our regular programming, after months of disruption due to the building works. Our aspiration is to continue with our approximately-monthly evening events. The first of these in our new look library is on Thursday the 14th November, by Clive Heritage-Tilley. He will be talking about both photography and his experience in having a novel published. We look forward to seeing you there!

Previous News Updates

We've been posting updates since we started the website in November 2016. You can read our previous news updates here.

News from Other Libraries

Of course, it's not just Cornwall that is experiencing dramatic changes to library provision. Up and down the country, communities are having to find new solutions for funding libraries, with many increasingly relying on volunteers.

An excellent website to learn more about the wider picture is Public Libraries News, which includes a list of over 400 volunteer libraries from the UK (with links), as well as copious other information. It's encouraging to read just how much other communities have managed to achieve, and how so many community-run libraries are thriving.