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September 2019 Update

Woohoo! As of the September the 3rd, the new look library has reopened, and is currently following the previous opening times. Cornwall Council is currently still running the library, but with the intention of handing over to the Town Council in the next few months.

In celebration of the re-opening of the library, The Friends of St Just Library together with local volunteers are hosting 'White Night’ a free 24 hour literary event from 3pm on Friday 20 September – 3pm on Saturday 21 September.

The all-night readathon will feature 24 hours of sharing words and ideas from the Cornish literary community and beyond. Readers of all ages are welcome and catered for with a diverse programme which takes inspiration from genre sections in the library from romance to philosophy every hour will feature a new theme.

Arrive at bedtime for stories and hot chocolate, stay until midnight for feasts on words followed by ghostly tales, stay through the small hours for poetry, epics and more or re-join the following day with breakfast book group at 8am followed by a morning of bounce and rhyme, travel writing and Cornish anecdotes and reminiscences. Refreshments will be served throughout.

Library White Night will also feature readings from writers in Cornwall: reading their own work, and reading what inspires them to write.

The 24-hour readathon is open to all and is a free event: come to read or be read to, stay awake or fall asleep. All are welcome at St Just Library.

White Night 20th-21st September 2019

The running order of the 'W'hite Night' event is now available.

Previous News Updates

We've been posting updates since we started the website in November 2016. You can read our previous news updates here.

News from Other Libraries

Of course, it's not just Cornwall that is experiencing dramatic changes to library provision. Up and down the country, communities are having to find new solutions for funding libraries, with many increasingly relying on volunteers.

An excellent website to learn more about the wider picture is Public Libraries News, which includes a list of over 400 volunteer libraries from the UK (with links), as well as copious other information. It's encouraging to read just how much other communities have managed to achieve, and how so many community-run libraries are thriving.